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We're going to have a get-together tomorrow to celebrate Brandon's life. So for the a while I have been helping to gather pictures and songs for the party. As I have worked on this, I have naturally seen and thought of many memories of my brother. But Memory is a trickster, and one that can be harmful or helpful. And most of what we remember is not the way that the past actually happened because memory isn't just thought or record alone, but also our emotions shading everything.

For the party, we have created a memory book for folks to write one great memory of Brandon. Firstly, I have a lot of trouble choosing just one. And secondly, not all of my memories of him are good---not by a longshot. Of course, the book is meant to collect good thoughts about his life, and I hope his sons can read through it one day to get an idea of what people liked about Brandon. So now I want to choose a good one and write it down. I want it succinct, as real as possible, and realistically representative of who he was. Now I will think through my memories like I looked through his pictures.


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