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First Summer

Summer is an important time when it comes to me and my brother because when we were kids in the summer, we were home alone together a lot. That's when we really got to know each other. We spent all day together out in the country, just the two of us. We had to find many things to do together and try to stay out of trouble until our parents got home. We became friends and sometimes enemies.

This will be the first summer in which I do not hang out with Brandon. It will be infinitely strange. Over the past few years, summer has been hard because I believe he has been jealous that I have the summers off and he doesn't. I don't really know that for sure, but it seems like that was the case. Anyhow, I won't see him this year. He won't be jealous. But I will drive his old Jeep with the top down, just like he used to do.


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