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My brother and I were two and a half years apart in age. We looked VERY similar to each other. For the first month after he died, I felt like I saw him in the mirror when I looked. When were kids, aged 9 and 11 say, I would get so mad when people thought we were twins. When we were adults, both in the same place, laughing the exact same laugh, with the exact same beard and exact same shaved balding head, people would just stare, amazed at how similar we were. We'd laugh harder--the exact same laugh, in unison--and everyone would laugh harder because it really was weird to see two people that similar laughing the exact same laugh. We were lucky to have another person like ourselves, less lonely than others. That's how it was. Now, I still think I see him in the mirror sometimes. That's what it's like now. He'll always sort of almost be there.


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